DILLIDUR Wear Resistant Steel Plates

Nowadays, wear and erosion are costly and problematic in quarries and mines, steel industries, cament mills more than others. Material transit lines, chutes, silos,deflectors,screen plates, fans, dump trucks, loading shovels and buckets are the equipment that must show the highest rate of strength to erosion and abrasion during time. This issue necessitates a high quality, resistant and appropriate alloy for utilizing in the mentioned industries. In this regard, Dillidur wear resistant plate is provided in different grades for using in different conditions.

Selecting the type of wear resistant plate with a certain thickness and a certain grade to have appropriate efficiency in your wearing system depends on different factors.

Generally, a wearing system (Tribological System) includes four main elements (according DIN50320 standard) as following:
ACTIVE BODY: in a system mostly includes abrasive materials such as stone, soil, sand, silica etc.
PASSIVE BODY: a part of wearing system which interacts with abrasive materials.
ACCOMPANYING SECONDARY: includes the intermediate material (such as water, oil, acid, air or other materials) of the two sections ACTIVE BODY and PASSIVE BODY.
AMBIENT MEDIUM (ENVIRONMENT): environmental factors (humidity, salt, dryness of air, temperature etc.) in which abrasive system acts.
Please contact the selling sector of Poulad Tejarat Saya for more information about abrasive systems and their contrast and also the selection of your appropriate wear resistant plate.
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