DILLIMAX High Strength Steel Plates

Not long ago, designing and fabricating high strength steel with appropriate mechanical working capability (welding, bending, drilling, cutting etc.) was unbelievable, but nowadays DILLIMAX high strength steel plate contains a combination of high strength, appropriate structure weight and unique mechanical working ability.

Because durability and stability of metal structures such as crane boom, chassis and body of trucks, gates of dams and bridges are important factors in the process of material selection, DILLIMAX high strength plate having all the mentioned characteristics can decrease 50% the primary costs for purchase and consuming materials.

The roof construction-SONY CENTER, in Berlin Germany, is one of the successful examples of applying DILLIMAX in design and fabrication of structure that uses DILLIMAX 690 high strength plate with 180mm thickness.
DILLIMAX high strength plates are quenched and tempered by a special thermal operation and are highly impact resistant and fine grained with excellent welding capability.

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